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How Can I Tell If I Have Anxiety, and What Do I Do About It?

A question I’ve been asked frequently of late is, “How can a person tell if they have anxiety?” At some point, the same person asking me this question would exclaim something along the lines of, “I’m always so anxious!” I find it interesting how often people express feeling anxiety and yet seem unable to recognize it.

How Psychotherapy Retrains the Brain to Expect (and Feel) Better

People enter psychotherapy with the desire to feel better, but they are often unsure how therapy will help them accomplish this goal. A common refrain from people hesitant to enter therapy is, “How is talking going to help?”

Having Trouble Getting Unstuck? Find Self-Compassion

Feeling stuck is hard. You want to move forward, but you can’t find the motivation to change. Or perhaps you don’t know how to change! Even in therapy, the very place you expect to see growth, you end up spinning your wheels.

The 'winter blues' is real. Here's what you should know about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, the feeling of just wanting to crawl in bed and eat some comfort-food carbs is very real for many people. The idea of the “winter blues” is not just something to be dismissed, experts say. It can be a sign of a real medical condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

The One Thing Couples Get Wrong About Relationships

Imagine this scenario: You meet an interesting woman (or man). You are immediately intrigued by the unique way she sees and experiences the world. You want to learn more about her. She is incredibly kind and passionate, with a strong desire to do good.

Parenting the Child Whose Sibling Has ADHD

Any parent of more than one child understands the inevitability of sibling rivalry, from fighting over toys to competing for Mom and Dad’s attention. But when one of your kids has ADHD, sibling dynamics and challenges tend to extend beyond arguments over the iPad or scoops of ice cream.

But They’ll Be Mad at Me: Why Kids Need Rules and Consequences

It will come as no surprise that in my work as a middle school therapist, I come across kids who test boundaries, break rules, and make poor choices. It is also not uncommon to meet with parents at a loss for what to do and how to regain control.

How To Stop Beating Yourself Up

People with a strong conscience feel remorse deeply and feel profound shame after a mistake. Most of the time, this is an admirable quality. People who take their mistakes to heart usually glean insight from their blunder and avoid repeating it.