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Change Your Self-Talk to Reduce Anxiety

Last Monday, I realized I needed to change my self-talk too late. I was working on a project that had taken a lot of time and effort. It was a challenge to keep working at it, and as the day progressed, I became increasingly frustrated --

Depression in Men: It Looks Different Than You Might Think

There is a big emphasis in our society on men being strong and tough. They should be able to handle anything and shouldn’t struggle with emotions and feelings.

5 Ways to Practice Self- Compassion After Loss

After the death of a loved one, you know grief doesn't subside with time. Your level of anxiety and pain may actually increase as time passes because you are coming to terms with all that is broken.Unfortunately, a reboot isn't available. The life you once had no longer exists.

5 Mini-Mental Health Workouts You Can Do in a Matter of Minutes

We all have busy schedules that can sometimes make self-care and stress management challenging. Many of us understand the importance of a daily 30-minute fitness regimen, meditation practice, or yoga class for our overall well-being. So are we out of luck when we don’t have 30 minutes in the day for a stress-buster? Are we doomed to be flooded by stress hormones all day long? Absolutely not. There is plenty we can do with only minutes in the day to de-stress.

How to Keep Your Romantic Relationship Going Strong

Romantic relationships can be fun, blissful, challenging, and exhausting at the same time. Any happily married couple will loudly agree that successful relationships require hard work, compromise, patience, communication, and individuality.

The Price of Perfection

Broadly speaking, perfectionism is a personality style in which people set exceptionally high standards for themselves in order to achieve perfection. However, the motive behind perfectionism is not the achievement of perfection, but rather, the avoidance of failure. More simply speaking, perfectionism is really a type of anxiety.

Finding Yourself When You Have Depression

For those of us with depression, finding yourself is difficult because it's easy for us to lose sight of what makes us who we are: personalities, senses of humor, talents. Our interests and passions often get buried under the weight of the burdens we bear. Depression makes it hard for us to find ourselves; however, in spite of the hardship, it's a worthwhile investment we should make. Through my experiences, I've gained some insights I'd like to share with you about how finding yourself can truly be a great way to cope when you have depression.

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