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How to Relieve, Manage, and Overcome Stress

You know the feeling. That tightness that keeps building in your body and mind that you can't find the release switch for. It's stress you're feeling! As stress hormones begin seeping into, then flooding your body, they prepare you for fight or flight, increasing your pulse and breathing rate, and pulling your body's attention away from everything else.

10 Tiny Self-Care Practices to Try Today

Most of us don’t have much energy or time right now, as we focus on the essentials: working, caring for our kids, doing 100 loads of laundry, trying not to drown. Which means that self-care can take a backseat. There’s just soooo much to do.

Thankfully, there are little ways we can incorporate self-care into our current lives. And that’s important because self-care helps to boost our energy and our mood. It helps to reduce our anxiety and to shift our perspective. Self-care practices help us to feel better overall.

"Say The Thing" to Revitalize Your Relationship

We communicate in ways that are multi-faceted, complex, politically correct, and often intended to conform to an “offense free” society. This might work well when engaging in philosophical, political, or academic discourses, but when it comes to intimate relationships, such ambiguity can be a disaster. During Coronavirus lockdown, ambiguous communication is even more problematic because of already high levels of anxiety, frustration and fear.

How to Get Emotional Support When You Feel You Have None

In the modern world, it's common to not feel as supported as we'd like to feel, or even to feel like being completely self-reliant is the only option. When you're next feeling like this, try these suggestions.

1. Don't assume the people who are closest to you or who have experienced your issue themselves will be the best sources of support.

What’s the Opposite of Anxiety, and How Do You Get There?

Somewhat surprisingly, the emotion of anxiety has an enormous variety of antonyms. And which ones best fit all depend on what aspect of anxiety you’re exploring.

If you focus on its uptight facets, “happy-go-lucky,” “carefree,” or “cavalier” could be seen as directly contrasting with it.

9 Symptoms of Anxiety That May Surprise You

Guilt is an adaptive, natural response that stabilizes relationships. It is good to apologize and mean it when we have committed an offense. Some think that the most enlightened among us can do without guilt; after thinking something through, a simple, heartfelt apology would do and replace the nagging feeling of having done something wrong. But this is discounting feelings.

Feeling Anxious? Try This Reality Check

Anxiety is a normal response to many life circumstances, and can even be helpful in situations where it motivates us to pay attention, work to meet a deadline, or otherwise step up our efforts in a certain area. In its extreme form, however, anxiety can be debilitating. This might especially be the case if you tend to overestimate the probability of negative events and outcomes

Warning Signs of Suicide

Knowing the signs of suicide may help you prevent someone from successfully dying by suicide.

While knowing suicidal signs may be helpful, keep in mind that even if you make every attempt to help prevent a suicide, the person may still be successful in carrying out their plan to end their life. It is not your fault if this occurs. If a person is committed to ending their life, sometimes no intervention in the world can stop it.

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