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Welcome to my site. I am Carol Williams, LCSW, a clinical social worker specializing in individual, couples and family therapy, now just one year in private practice and loving almost every minute. This past year has seen a diverse group of individuals and couples cross the threshold of my office, each with unique stories, challenges, and strengths. There have been tears, there has been laughter, and there has been healing.

The foundation of my practice is a firm belief in the God-given uniqueness and capacity for change within all individuals and what I feel has been a longstanding call to do this work. Life got in the way over the years and multiple paths were pursued but there has always burned within my heart a passion to help others overcome life's struggles and obstacles, the same kinds of obstacles I encountered and conquered in my own life. There were times when life felt like one long struggle after another with little to no headway despite my best efforts. I read self-help books by the dozen and though I received some helpful information and benefit, I wasn't capable on my own of achieving the progress and change I longed for.

As the challenges of adult life grew in number and degree, I frequently felt overwhelmed, stuck, hopeless. Hitting the wall as they say, I found myself mired in anxious thoughts and worries, anger and negativity, depression, and unresolved family of origin issues. As continued regression and several vital losses loomed imminent, I made the decision to set my fear, pride, and confusion aside and engage in mental health counseling. I partnered with a compassionate and competent mental health professional and began the painful process of change. As I explored the events of the past that were continuing to impact my present, faced the realities of my present life, determined what I couldn't control, and began to improve upon what I could, I found renewed hope, courage, clarity, and determination. I learned about interpersonal boundaries and how to get mine in order.

It is an enduring joy to assist others to experience their own leaps forward, whatever that leap is for the individual or couple. My plan is to work with each individual as a unique individual and as a partner, building on personal strengths to attain the growth and healing each is committed to accomplishing.

Many people don't need the kind of indepth, long-term kind of therapy that was my experience. Sometimes a short-term, problem-focused collaboration is all that is needed.

When I ask people what it is that they like about working with me, they use words like "approachable, non-judmental, empathetic, compassionate, wise." Some even find me humorous! I'm a big believer that laughter is great medicine.
My approach is eclectic, interactive and solution-focused. Specialty populations consist of adults striving to arise from the ashes of marital difficulties, divorce, anxiety, depression, grief and bereavement, traumatic stress, and emotional neglect. Or perhaps your goal is to achieve lifelong dreams that remain unrealized or to explore spiritual confusion (whatever your faith or religion) and/or spiritual abuse. Child and family issues are welcome. My experience is rich in disorders of childhood and family dynamics. Group work is ongoing at the office and a special favorite modality for me.

Many years ago, I had what I can only describe as a real and profound spiritual experience. Since that time, faith has been my main support and passionate pursuit. All the gifts that I bring to the therapeutic relationship, I attribute to this relationship with God and His Word. The more education I get in the sciences, the more I see validation for the truth and wisdom of the holy scripture and revelation. So, if you seek Biblically-based Christian counseling, I am a member in good standing of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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